COVID-19 Update and Information

Post Covid-19 Guidance upon arrival at Paradise Hollow Resort

In consideration of Governor Whitmer’s executive order we will not be able to take any rentals until May 28, 2020. 

Check in time will be 3:00 p.m. in order to give our cleaners time to clean and sanitize each cottage.  Check out time will be 9:00 a.m.

Upon arrival at Paradise Hollow Resort it will seem like a normal vacation but we are asking everyone to respect all the other guests in regards to social distancing. We recommend packing a cooler and bringing all your food with in order to limit trips to the local grocery stores. 

1. We will continue to closely monitor media news reports as to state and local public policies and requirements as relates to Covid-19 and cottage rentals.
2. We will follow state and local governmental policies, as best we can, in relation to our rental operations. However, state and local public policy will be very fluid in the coming weeks.
3. We will communicate to renters once there is clarity in definitive state and/or local laws in relation to our rental operations.

Updated Cleaning and Housekeeping Protocol

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak we have added several housekeeping tasks to our cleaning schedule. Below is a list of some of the housekeeping procedures that will be followed to ensure your cottage is properly disinfected prior to your arrival:

  • Kitchen and bathroom counter tops, sinks, faucets, showers and toilets will be sanitized with an approved cleaner.
  • Light switches, lamp switches and window pulls will all be disinfected.
  • Kitchen cabinet pulls, stoves and microwaves will all be disinfected.
  • Door knobs, light switches and thermostats will be disinfected.
  • Upholstered furniture will be sprayed with a disinfecting spray.
  • Dishes and other utensils and kitchen contents will have been washed by the previous guest so you may want to wash your own dishes prior to use.
  • Housekeepers will wear masks and gloves while cleaning the cottages.
IMPORTANT_Guests may ONLY use disinfectant wipes on any interior surfaces or objects inside the cottages. NO other cleaning or disinfectant products can be used on such surfaces or objects.  ONLY warm sudsy water mixture on wood surfaces, such as tables and chairs is allowed.
All buildings, equipment, surfaces and objects outside cottages will NOT be santitized or disinfected.  Guest are welcome to use such items and are encouraged to follow CDC guidlines in washing hands and disinfection prior to and after use.
***This year we will not be providing pillows, blankets or comforters as we can not wash these items between each renter.  We apologize for this inconvenience but these items are high risk for passing on the Coronavirus.
***Check in time will be 3:00 p.m. in order to give our cleaners time to clean and sanitize each cottage.


In addition, these are a few more items that are currently on our “Most Important List” for this summer season:

  • Space for Social Distancing
  • Safe access to Kayaks, Fishing Boats and other Water Toys
  • Safe Beach Access